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We need your support to fight the 4th leading cause of death by cancer in Europe.

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At the occasion of World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2016, UEG and PCE have jointly developed a video to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms and a infographic on the disease. Please share them to raise awareness ! #InItTogether #PancreaticCancerEurope

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Since its creation in November 2014, Pancreatic Cancer Europe (the European Multi-Stakeholder Platform on Pancreatic Cancer) has been active in raising awareness of pancreatic cancer, in increasing its political prioritisation, and in encouraging earlier diagnosis for pancreatic cancer.

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On the occasion of the 2nd World Pancreatic Cancer Day, the European Multi-Stakeholder Platform on Pancreatic Cancer held its third face-to-face meeting in the European Parliament, in Brussels, on November 10th. More information to come soon!

Members of the platform also lead their activities at national level to celebrate the World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Visit the section Country information to find out more – click here ›

In order to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, the Platform has elaborated key documents:

10 Key Facts on Pancreatic cancer
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Improve early detection for a better cure
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The 10 warning signs of pancreatic cancer
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Find out more about the World Pancreatic Cancer Day website

Diagnosis activities

In order to support the improvement of early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, the Platform has developed the following documents: