Developing pancreatic cancer research across Europe

The Research Work Stream had been created following the will to contribute to the debate on what changes are needed to improve research on this cancer, after the General assembly meeting. The Research Work Stream promotes policies & research programmes that can advance medical science on pancreatic cancer.

The main goal of the Work Stream is to bring together researchers, clinicians, private domain, patients, and policy makers to identify/discuss on priorities in Pancreatic cancer research. We aim also to make EU institutions aware and committed to the issues relating to pancreatic cancer.

On Wednesday 12th April 2017, EUPancreas (COST Action) and Pancreatic Cancer Europe gathered key pancreatic cancer research experts, clinicians, private domain representatives, health policy makers, and patient advocates during a meeting in Brussels.

This very first “Multistakeholder Brainstorming meeting” was organised around the belief that researchers, clinicians, patient representatives, pharma and biotech companies, policy makers, European institutions, in a joint collaboration, have a fundamental role to play in pancreatic cancer research.

Following an initiative from our Board Member, Dr. Nuria Malats, the exchanges aimed to propose concrete solutions in favour of research on pancreatic cancer in Europe. Indeed, we think it is time for EU institutions, Members of the European Parliament and national ministries to trigger real change in research, to further improve patient outcomes and survival rates.

The result of the exchanges are precise priorities for research on pancreatic cancer, detailed in the meeting report, that will be sent to European policy makers.

Please find here the meeting report.


Dr. Núria Malats

Head of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Madrid, Spain.