Pancreatic Cancer Europe is a European multi-stakeholder platform which aims at bringing together experts from all over Europe including academics, physicians, politicians, patient groups, journalists and industry with a common interest and willingness to improve care for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Europe aims at bringing together relevant stakeholders to advocate for an improvement in the standard of care for patients with pancreatic cancer, by addressing the existing gaps related to the lack of awareness, diagnosis and data collection. Spun off by a strong political will to address the devastating impact of pancreatic cancer, Pancreatic Cancer Europe aims at reversing the trend of pancreatic cancer impact by:

  • Increasing PC research and political support
  • Raising lay and medical awareness by developing awareness tools and campaigns
  • Enabling a forum of exchange between national stakeholders

The work of PCE is based on 4 Work Streams implementing the action plan of the platform

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Giving a voice to Pancreatic Cancer
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Our PCE Presentation brochure
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Development of a Call to Action

  • Initiated by 4 MEPs from 3 different Member States and 3 different political groups, launched in July 2014
  • Co-signed by 32 additional MEPs
  • Among the key actions suggested by the Call to Action: the creation of a Multi-stakeholder platform on pancreatic cancer

Creation of the European multi-stakeholder platform on Pancreatic Cancer 

  • 25 top priority stakeholders from 14 European countries
  • Gathered for the first time in the European Parliament on 12 November 2014

Parliamentary event held in the European Parliament

Parliamentary Event Agenda

2nd face-to-face meeting of the platform in Toledo

  • During the 47th European Pancreatic Club (EPC) Meeting, June 26th 2015
  • Gathered 26 participants from the platform
  • Introduction by Françoise Grossetête MEP and Philippe de Backer MEP


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