Pancreatic Cancer Europe was founded to bring the fight against pancreatic cancer to the European Union through a single voice. By enabling collaboration on research, registries and by raising awareness we have one goal: decrease the severe mortality of pancreatic cancer.

The European Union must have a central role in this duty. In order to ensure action by the European Union, a strong commitment by all the European institutions and policymakers is needed.

In May 2019, European citizens will elect our representatives in the European Parliament. These elections are a key moment for pancreatic cancer patients: the next European Parliament has the opportunity to ensure that the European Union delivers against pancreatic cancer.

To enable a strong commitment by the future policymakers, Pancreatic Cancer Europe is launching the Pancreatic Cancer 2019 Elections Manifesto. By signing the Manifesto, candidates to the European Elections from all countries and political parties will show their commitment to ensure that the European Union takes appropriate action against pancreatic cancer, by taking 8 key actions:

  1. Increasing political awareness on pancreatic cancer through active promotion of awareness campaigns;
  2. Proposing to include pancreatic cancer in cancer control policies and rare cancer initiatives at EU level;
  3. Transmitting my colleagues in my Member State to include pancreatic cancer in their initiatives at national level, with the aim at developing national pancreatic cancer plans;
  4. Asking the European Commission to increase awareness of pancreatic cancer towards the scientific and patient communities to enable earlier diagnosis;
  5. Asking the European Commission to enable the development of pancreatic cancer training programs for treating physicians about symptoms and risk factors to improve earlier diagnosis;
  6. Supporting the establishment of adequate national pancreatic cancer registries;
  7. Pushing for an increase in the allocation of funds for the research into pancreatic cancer to improve diagnosis and early treatment;
  8. Pushing for the creation of new funding streams by the European Commission to support research on pancreatic cancer.

We invite all candidates to show their commitment and share the Pancreatic Cancer 2019 Elections Manifesto. Together we can tackle this deadly disease.

You can read and download the Pancreatic Cancer 2019 Elections Manifesto here:

Download PDF (143 kB) ›

Endorsers of the Pancreatic Cancer 2019 Elections Manifesto:

MEP Ivo Belet


MEP Biljana Borzan


MEP Séan Kelly


MEP Alojz Peterle


MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen


MEP Pavel Poc

Czech Republic

MEP Lieve Wierinck


MEP Francis Zammit Dimech


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